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What inspires me to write.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 2, 2008 by dreamphase

The other day I was asked about my inspiration. I didn’t have an answer right away, I had to think about it. I get ideas from so many different things it is had to just pick one thing.

Music makes a difference. when I am writing I will try to listen to music that fits the mood of whatever I am writing about. I think this allows me to capture the mood better.

also I will write in many different places, not just the same place.

Watching movies or reading books helps me to write because I can see the style, the emotional struggles and the plot. I will see parts that I like and parts that I don’t. I understand that a story isn’t about how life is perfect, stories are about struggles. see these in movies and reading about them make me aware of more aspects to them.

There are somethings that after reading or watching I feel like I need to express my reaction to what happened. in some cases I will think of different reactions that a person could have to the media. I will then write that into the story.

Also I find that going for a run helps. I am able to clear my mind, and I also build adrenalin. this helps too, so if I do anything that exerts me I tend to write better after doing it, I am not sure why.

Just going outside and looking at God’s creation is enough to inspire me.

I guess that is the best answer I can give to that question.