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Today I woke up, and there was snow on the ground outside This was both exciting and disappointing for me. I really like the snow, but it adds extra work to my day, and takes up more of my time.

Today I woke up at 8:15am. That is 15 min longer than I should have slept. My alarm didn’t go off. See my pda that I use for an alarm decided that it would auto adjust for daylight savings time. So my alarm wouldn’t have gone off until an hour later. I am glad I went to bed on time, if I hadn’t I might have slept longer, and missed my class.

I got the jasjar to work with the full youtube. That took a little bit of work to setup, but it works great. It has been done before, but it wasn’t documented very well.


Title here:

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Hmm. Couldn’t think of anything to use as a title for this.

I got the battery charger for the JasJar. It charges the batteries fine, so I no longer have a ~300 brick. Yay.

After I got the battery charged, I started playing around with the device. Over the past couple weeks, I have found a few things that I wanted to try, but since it was dead I couldn’t. I was able to get Flash working, so now I can use websites that have flash. This isn’t full flash, but it does handle the basics. Youtube, isn’t one of the things that works with the flash player I got working, so I had to use something different. I was using a program called youtubeplay, but youtube updated their website, and it works differently, and as of yet the program hasn’t been updated. I was able to get youtube vids working just fine after playing around with a few different things. I now have it setup so that I can browse, find something I want to watch, click it, and it starts playing. I did this with TCPMP, and the .flv plugin.

Tonight I went to see Get Smart. They show movies on campus, free to students, that haven’t been released on dvd, but are out of theaters. I decided to go because it was free, and didn’t really have anything else to do.

The movie was funny, but… there was way too much inappropriate sexual content. That really wasn’t needed. Aside from that it would have been okay. Had they also dropped the language (not that there was much) I would say that I liked it.

MS word 2007 with ‘Blogging’

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This is a test. I am trying out the publish to blog option that Microsoft included with word 2007. I am not sure if this will be useful for me or not, but I thought I would try it out.

Wifi on the Zaurus.

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I finally got the wifi card for my zaurus working. The card still had hardware problems, but it is working. My problem was that I have two wifi access points, one on each side of the house.

The main access point’s SSD starts with a T, while the other starts with a D. the second router has a filter and only allows connections from MAC addresses that are on the white list.

The wifi card’s MAC address wasn’t on the list, so it couldn’t connect to that router, but it should have been able to connet to the main router.

I was finally able to figure out why not. Turns out the wifi software for the zaurus(when it set to connect to any access point) connects to the first on a list of detected APs. BUT, sorts the list alphabeticly.  meaning that with both routers, it picked the one it couldn’t connect to.

I added the MAC address to the list, and it works now, but I’ll need ot find a better program to handle the wifi connections.


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so I bought a battery charger off ebay. so the htc will be useable again.. once it comes. But since it is coming from Hong Kong, who knows when that will be.

The downside is that it won’t come by next Saturday. I would really like the jasjar working as I might be out of town.

I found a new Anime to watch. it is called tytania. it is a current anime. so I will have ot wait for the episodes to be released. but the first seemed good.

I really hate being lied to… it hurts. it has recently happened to me. that is why I am always honest.

At the moment I am in my 3hour long class. that class isn’t bad, the teacher is really good, but it is so long to set in a chair.

time for something new…

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Lately I have been having lots of trouble with the jasjar. It never liked charging in the first place, but now it doesn’t charge at all. I have tried charging from different usb ports on different computers. different adapters. nothing seems to work. This leaves me stuff without mobile access to the internet. i would use my zaurus, but hte wifi card is broken. The htc is dead. that leaves me with the clie, and the psp. the clie is not advance enough as far as the web browser goes, so I can’t use that. The psp has an okay brower, but it is slow, and without a touchscreen, or a keyboard… it just isn’t useful.

This leaves me with a couple options. Buy a new device, or get something so I can use what I have.

I could get a cf wifi card, but it will cost about $40 min, which is too much. I could also by an external battery charger for the htc. this will cost about $15.  I don’t really want to spend money on the wifi card because the zaurus browser doesn’t handle everything that I need to use. I could manage ,but it wouldn’t be easy. same goes for the htc. it is a little easier than the zaurus, but still…

Buying a new device… This is something I would like to do, but don’t want to because of the cost. I recently bought a new computer, a ibm x60t. It is completly awesom. I don’t like buying lots of exspensive things in a row. I like ot space out my costly purchases.  If I do end up getting something I will probably get the Archos 604 wifi. I currently have an Archos Gmini 402. and it is a great device, but I have had it for two years now and it is wearing out. so that would fit two needs that I have. The other thing I have been looking at is the mylo2. I tried one out a while back, and really liked it.

idk, I hate upgradeing when the stuff I have works, (with a little repair) I don’t always need the latest. The latest isn’t always the greatest.

In other news… you should check out this article. it is really good.

The problem is that, while I would like to keep using my old tech, the stuff doesn’t last forever.


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(or: 私は生き残るために必要) This is something that means a lot to me as of late. I want to survive.

when all the hard things hit, I think of this word.