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Upgrading part1

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Today I ordered 6GBs of ram. no not all for the same computer. I ordered 2x2GB of ram for my x60t, and 2x1GB of DDR for my dad’s computer.

I know the x60t doesn’t support 4gb of ram due to the chipset, but I will be able to use 3gb, and it will still have a good speed. I read some places that you could get access to 3.5gb, but I am not sure about that…

My goal was to get a larger hdd not more ram… but the ram was an extremely good deal. I did find a hdd for $70, but after buying the ram..  I really don’t like spending money. Yesterday I tried installing angstrom on the htc… I failed. for some reason I keep getting a kernal panic. Also I installed xp pro on two computers yesterday. (IBM r60, and a Lenovo r61)

Once I get the ram, I will have free’d 2x1GB sticks. I will probably put them in the r60 for my dad, or one in the r60 and one in the r61. My dad tried out my x60… he really likes it. says the size is much better than the r60, but he wasn’t interested in the tablet. He is now looking at x6*s.


long day…

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today is turning out to be a very long day. I had math home that was due. I got that done, now I have a paper to write, and work til 3. I still haven’t eaten anything, not that it is strange for me to miss breakfast.

A couple days ago I decided to install vista x64 onto my r61, since I don’t really use the computer for anything now that I have my x60.  I messed up the install, so yesterday I had to do it all over again. I am planning to just install linux on it. since the vista isn’t goind so well. If you read my other post, I praised LinuxMint. I still think it is a great os, but the kde version is 1.2gb in size, so I need to burn a dvd. I I have a dvd burner, (finally… I just got it a couple months ago) but I don’t have and dvds that I can use to burn the .iso. I haven’t spent much time on it because of school. but I should be able to split it over two cds?

I have been thinking about switching to Ångström on my zaurus, from cacko, but it is a lot of work, and I don’t know how well it will work. The main thing that holds me back, is the alarm program. Right now I am using my zaurus as an alarm clock. without it, I would never make it to school on time. If I knew for a fact that there was a trustworthy program for Ångström, I would try it now.

I tried installing it on the htc the other day, but I was missing a file. I will probably give it another try over the Thanksgiving break.


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So today I was playing around with kubuntu. see I have Virtual Box installed on my computer, and I had kubuntu installed.  I have been very frustrated with kubuntu, it hasn’t worked well for me at all.  I won’t get into the details, but today I tried 4 different linux distributions. out of all them, only one stood out. when I say it stood out I really mean it. Linux Mint(kde) shines.

This OS is completely amazing. it is by far the best linux desto I have ever used. All I did was install it and everything works. After it was done installing I played around with it for a good hour. it was a very solid and powerful OS.

If you haven’t tried out Mint, give it a shot. and if you haven’t tried out linux at all, go get virtual box, and try out mint. there is nothing to loose, and it is well worth the time it takes to download.

I Got it!

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Finally after a couple months of trying to get a picture I finally was finally able to capture a picture of the Blue Jay that lives near my house.

Blue Jay on  a try in my back yard. taken with a Canon EOS D30, with a 70-200mm zoom lens with a doubler.

Blue Jay on a try in my back yard. taken with a Canon EOS D30, with a 70-200mm zoom lens with a doubler.

Also, today is the start of nanowrimo. if you don’t know what that is, look it up. 🙂

I am going to try and get something together to enter, but I am not sure if I will be able to, and still do well in my classes.


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35/21 Kdr (kill deather ratio) , I guess this shows how bored I am at the momment. That was on a map with a lot of really high level players. it was a capture the flag round. I recovered the flag 14 times, and captured it 5 times. 7 captures and the teams wins. The other team won, but over all I had the highest score.

I was play Combat Arms, if you were wondering. it is a free online FPS game. If you haven’t tried it and like FPS, give it a shot, (hehe) you might like it.

So I mentioned before that I was stuck without mobile internet access… well I got a battery charger for the jasjar, so I can use that again. Also, a very good friend sold me a compact flash WiFi card he had. (Thanks.) So I not only have the htc, but I can use the zaurus online again.