35/21 Kdr (kill deather ratio) , I guess this shows how bored I am at the momment. That was on a map with a lot of really high level players. it was a capture the flag round. I recovered the flag 14 times, and captured it 5 times. 7 captures and the teams wins. The other team won, but over all I had the highest score.

I was play Combat Arms, if you were wondering. it is a free online FPS game. If you haven’t tried it and like FPS, give it a shot, (hehe) you might like it.

So I mentioned before that I was stuck without mobile internet access… well I got a battery charger for the jasjar, so I can use that again. Also, a very good friend sold me a compact flash WiFi card he had. (Thanks.) So I not only have the htc, but I can use the zaurus online again.


One Response to “35/21kdr”

  1. mikeypizano Says:

    Hey no problem, I needed the money and the card was useless to me.

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