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MX Revolution.

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Back before Christmas I ordered myself an MX Revolution mouse. The mouse is really cool, and the scroll wheel is amazing BUT, the software included with the mouse is utterly rubbish. What good does a really god mouse do you if you can’t use it. That is where Uber Options, a program made by Richard Owens, comes into play:

UberOptions allows you to configure the mouse to work the way you want it to.

Now that I have the mouse setup correctly, it is completely awesome. 😀 Thanks Richard.


Upgrading part2

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So, the other day I got my new ram. 4gb. I installed it into my x60t. It seems to work great, I have 3gb that I can use. (due to the 32bit OS, and the chipset)

I haven’t done any real tests, but yesterday, I didn’t close any of my programs. I just left everything open. I was still able to start up VirtualBox.

Windows shows that I have 2.99GB of ram, while some other programs show the full 4GB. reguardless of whether or not I can use that last gb, I have gotten a speed boost, because before he ram sticks I had were differen’t speeds. Now that they are the same, I get the full speed of the ram.

The old ram went into my dad’s laptop (r60). I would have liked to put them in the r61, but with linux mint, I don’t need the ram that I would with windows.

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Today for class, I got to see the main server room on campus. I attached a couple pictures.

It wasn’t too big, but it was still cool. These computers run Also, all internet traffic at nmu runs through these computers. They also supply internet to 3 other schools. they have a total bandwidth of 1GB/s All the computers run some form of linux, or BSD

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. I only had my htc on me to take pictures.

NMU server racks

I still haven’t gotten my ram yet… I installed Linux Mint on the r61. Full install, no virtual box. The computer seems to be preforming better than it did with windows.  Everything works, I didn’t have to do any crazy setup. I was even about to get trillian working on it.