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how to play anything.

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The otherday I ran into a small snag when I was trying to play high resilution video file. The clip skipped on my computer and the audio was out of sync. I was using VLC to play the file. In the past when this has happened I would just play the file with the Divx player (using an external decoder. ) With the latest release of the divx player they made a lot of small improvements, but the external decoders wouldn’t work anymore. I have been using the K-Lite Codec Pack for all my codecs. Of all the codecs/codec packs I have used, it works the best.  K-lite worked great for the high resilution (1080p) clip, but I have never liked media player classic (the media player that comes bundled with the pack) I searched around and finally found a player that supports external codecs. Enter The KMPlayer .

KMPlayer is an advanced media player that supports both external codecs and enternal included codecs. I setup the player to use all the K-lite codecs and gave it a run. I tried many different formats, with different bitrates, sizes and encodings. all of them played extremely well without skipping at all. I was even able to play partially corrupt files.

If you need a player, for anything, I would highly recomend the KMPlayer and the K-lite codec pack. both the pack and the player are extremely customizable, so if you don’t like the default settings you can change them 🙂

All this was done on Windows7. So far I have been extremely happy with windows7(beta) the only thing I don’t like is aero snap. Aaagh, I hate it. I always throw my windows partially off the screen. aero snap makes this harder. (also I don’t like it when my windows are resized. :\ Other than that.. windows7 works great.

today I read a quote by Mark Twain – “Be good and you will be lonely”   Lately it makes me wonder.. am I good or something?


Windows 7

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Today I tried out windows 7. I tried it out on a virtualbox first. It was okay, but it didn’t seem impressive. I am currently running a Lenovo x60t with an 80gb hdd and Tablet XP. I have been very happy with tablet xp. But I wanted to try it out. I also have an r61 but the computer is junk. It is so slow. I don’t know what is wrong with it, but it has lots and lots of problems… The computer belongs to the school, they just make me pay for it and use it even though I don’t want to… (rant for another day.) the r61 has a 100gb hdd, so I installed windows7 on the computer, as soon as the installer finished I pulled the hard-drive and moved it to the x60. (I don’t have an external cd/dvd drive so I don’t have anyway of reinstalling the os.)

I installed the needed drivers. (there weren’t many since both computers are thinkpads) amazingly everything working without any trouble. I did use the Lenovo auto installer package which is supposed to take care of everything. So I had 100Gb of storage and windows 7. I went to work, I customized windows 7 and played around with it for a good 2 hours. I now know exactly how the OS works and all the little quarks about it. One of the main things that bothered me was the lack of a quick launch bar. The ‘super bar’ is really bad. MS should really add an option to switch back to classic so it isn’t so hard… I was able to get it working after twikking the registry. After I got that out of the way I started installing programs. Everything work very well except Alcohol 52% as it isn’t compatible with windows 7 yet. I found a different program that allowed me to mount cd images that worked just as well. As I write this I am back on xp. The reason isn’t because I wasn’t happy with windows7 but rather that I don’t have any of my files on that hard drive. Over time I might switch to it completely. The OS was very stable. 😀

Happy Newyear

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Happy newyear (-:

I was up late… 5am. but I got up relitivly early. There was a BlueJay in the tree outside, so I got the camera ready, and went to take the picture.. when I got out there the bird was gone, but heard this knocking sound. I looked around and listened and I found out the sound was coming from a pileated woodpecker. 😀 So I took a picture of it instead. It turned out alright.