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Finally getting my own camera. :)

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yesterday was my birthday. 🙂 I bought a camera, a canon 40d. I have been wanting to get my own camera for a while now.. I really wanted to get the canon 5d mark II, but I don’t have $2-3k just laying around. I was about to pickup the camera for $650. still a large chunk of money, but much lower. Now that I have a camera, you should expect to see more pictures on the blog. The camera takes CF cards. I have an 8GB a 2GB a 512mb, and the camera comes with a 1gb card. I am not sure yet, but I probably won’t be using the 8gb card with the camera because I use it in my Zaurus.


fresh install; what to install.

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I was planning on making this list looks a little nicer, but I have been busy, so I thought I would just put it up.

These are things I install after doing a fresh install of windows:

ABPlus  — duh
Download Helper  — This program is used for downloading media from websites, such as youtube, or any other video site.
GeckoTIP — this is for tablet PCs This allows the tablet input panel to work with firefox.
Logmein  — This allows me to control the other computers I have remotely. far better than vnc.
mediaplayerconnectivity — This allows me to play embedded media. Also it serves as a way to block flash from starting until I allow it.
newtabURL — this is awesome. when you open a newtab, it loads my homepage. Also if I have a url in my clipboard and open a new tab it loads that.
oldbar — I really like this, I think the new url bar is really annoying, it is just too big.
tor-proxy.NET toolbar — proxy. I will not say anymore..

Java Runtime — needed for a lot of stuff.
Flashplayer — see that last item.

Trillian — the Best IM application in the world. (but that’s just me)
Taskbar shuffle — very useful.
Truecrypt — encryption program that works very well.
Axcrypt — encryption program that works very well, fast, but isn’t as ‘strong’ as truecrypt.
The Gimp — the ‘best’ image editor out there,… once you figure out how to use it. (yes I have tried photoblah…)
The KMPlayer — The best media player out there as it can play almost anything. (if used with k-lite, it can play everything)
K-lite Full codec pack — allows you to play anything, and not just play it, but it is fast.
Notepad++ — best editor I have come accross.
Winamp — The best Music player.
HotSpot Sheild — a secure proxy.
Audacity beta — an audio editor/recorder. the beta seems easier to use.
Hamchi — VPN.. extremely useful.
Alcohol / virtual clone drive — virtual cds.
Unlocker– this allows you to take care of pesky programs that don’t want to be deleted.
WinRAR — the best compression program. While there are many others such as 7zip, winrar seems to be the fastest. (trial never expiers.)
Office 07 — while Open office is out and free, this opens faster, and it looks better. although Abi-Word is really nice.
Filezilla — I used to use WsFTP, but it was a hassle to install.
SumatraPDF — so, did I ever tell you that I don’t like adobe? well… I don’t, so if there is a non-adobe verion I go for it.
VLC — lighweight mediaplayer that plays most files. (that doesn’t mean it does the best job playing the files, for that use k-lie, and KMPlayer)
DJGPP — c++ compiler.
iPhoto Plus 4 — second best image editing program. very easy to use.
vistart — newer start menu for xp.
Opera — I always like to have a second browser incase I need to kill firefox. but IE will not do, and I don’t like chrome.

Upgrading part 3

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Recently I ordered a 320gb 7200rpm hdd for my x60t.

The x60t had an 80gb 5400rpm drive. That drive was a bit too small for me. Yes I was able to use it, but it was a hassle dealing with larger files and such.. so I caved and got a new hard drive.  As I mentioned before I was using windows 7.  I have been using it until I got this hard drive. the main reason I was using it was because it was on a larger hard drive..

now that I have the room I am back to using xp. at first there were a couple features I missed, but I was able to get those added to xp. Also xp seemed to not be faster, but it has much better batterylife.