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Programming contest

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Yesterday my school held its annual programming contest. I wasn’t going to participate in the contest, but a friend signed me up anyway, so I was on his team. 
Our team Ranked 6th. we were in first position for most of the contest, but were passed at the end. Our team finished 3 of the 6 assignments. The winners did 4.
Here are a couple pictures I took of the the Laptops that were used. Int the pictures they are being Imaged with a modified windows xp.


EVDO + laptop

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Today, my dad asked me to pull some pictures off his new cellphone. He recently got this phone, on the alltel network. The phone had a micro-SD card slot, but I didn’t have a card. The phone had bluetooth, and my x60t has it also.
I setup a connection and was able to transfer the pictures off the phone. (that was useful)
If you talk to me at all, you’d know that I have never been a fan of bluetooth, simply because I never used it. sure I tried syncing a device once, but I am not s fan of syncing either. This time though, I really liked it, and it worked extremely well.
I was even able to use the phone as an EVDO modem for my laptop… that was cool.

weird day.

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Today has been a weird day for me. I had to leave for school early because I had an interview.
all day I have had this feeling that I am forgetting something really important but as hard as I try, I can’t seem to remember what it is about. i have had a headache most of the day, so I doubt I have been thinking clearly.. Also, I am testing the blog submissions options in Flock. so if this thing looks really funny, I blame it on flock, but it should work nicely. 🙂

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well… that was.. different…

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today my brother locked the key is his car (he has done this a few times now) so I had to drive the spare key to him. Since I was going out my mom asked me to pickup food from tacobell for everyone because she was busy and didn’t have time to make anything. I agreed and setout. I dropped the key off with my brother and went to taco bell. that is when it got a little weird. This girl that I didn’t know at all came up to me and started telling me this story of how her friend turned weird on her abd bit her, then she wanted me to look at the bite on her stomach… that was weird. I didn’t look, just nodded and said mm hmm. it was strange. why was she trying to get me to look at her, idk… I either looked her in the eyes, or not at her.  Then she asked me if I was some kinda undercover cop or something. I don’t know where she would have gotten that idea. I told her no, and siad said I looked like one. ..

How would you know what one would look like? and if I were one, would I be able to say that I was?

then she asked what my pda was(I had it in the case clipped onto my left pants pocket) I pulled it out and showed her, and she said it was really cool. irdk that was certainly different..


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I found this cob web, so I thought I would take a picture of it before I cleaned it.

I had a blue LED, so I used that for the lighting. It seemed to work out alright, but it was hard to hold the camera steady, that is why it is fuzzy.

canon 40d and video

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Today I was playing around with my camera, and  I found this I am now able to record 1024×600 video with my computer and camera. the video looks great. focusing has to be done manually though. Still this is really cool… of course it only makes me want to get the eos 5d mkII even more…

Here is a vid I took with it. (no sound atm)

Got my camera.

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Well I got my camera.. it is really nice. I am still learning how to use it. but I thought I should take a picture, of the stuff around my desk…

In the picture from left to right-top to bottom: x60t, soyo 24″ lcd, Zaurus sl-c860, eeePC 900ha, archos 605, archos gmini402, htc universal, Toshiba gigabeat S (60gb)  lenovo r61, net10 phone, trackphone.