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The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside

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The title is the name of a song by FM Static. of their latest cd Dear Diary. If you haven’t, you should check it out. it is pretty good. recently the cd means a lot to me, but the cd I like most right now is Expect the Impossible, by Stellar Kart. It is amazing 😀

The other day my car died. The engine fell right out. (the rear subframe bolts rusted out.) the only place that can work on it out here says that it will cost $1000 for just the parts. The car isn’t really even worth that much, so I have to scrap it. now I am looking for another car. if I don’t find one by the 7th, I am going to be flying back or staying longer. My last day of work is next Friday. I am excited to be going home.  Also today when I called home my mom told me that they are going to Minneapolis, MN today. I don’t know how long they are planning to stay, but I am going to be driving through Minneapolis on my way back home. I just feel so left out all the way out here. and I fee like I am wasting time, because I don’t feel I have done anything really productive. and all that money I made over the summer? well… see my car died and I have to buy a new one, so that money will all be gone soon enough. I guess it is good to be able to put ‘interned at Intel’ on my resume.. but really? </rant>


been a while..

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Hello all..

sorry for not updating that much. it isn’t like I don’t have the time. it is just I haven’t really been doing all that many things that I think are worth talking about, or rather, that I think the reader would be interested in reading. well not for a tech-based site. You’d think working at Intel there would be cool stuff I can talk about. heh actually there are plenty of cool things I would love to write about, but I don’t know how much I am actually allowed to tell you. recently I have been working on the MID platform.  That is fun, and is an area that I like working on.  but I can’t really talk about work much. :\ other than work – I have been going places on the weekends still. I am not sure how much of this I want to put on here.. because idk it seems kinda weird to pore my life into some web-page that anyone can read.:P I have under a month left before I head back home.