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Buying a new mp3 player.

Posted in Uncategorized on August 13, 2009 by dreamphase

a couple weeks ago my archos gmini 402 died. I have been using the player for almost 4 years. the player was starting to fall apart. I kept fixing it, and soldering new parts, but it finally died beyond what I can fix.

I would have bought a player right away, but the ZuneHD looked really tempting to me. also there is now this Zii EGG.  Both look really sweet, and both look really expensive. :\

which should I get? or should I just go for something cheaper. suggestions?

I might wait to see how much that new archos player costs.


home again.. home again.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on August 13, 2009 by dreamphase

Wheee! I am finally back home in Michigan. lots of stuff has happened since te last post. I bought a new phone; the Motorola Q. so ou might see some posts about that. also, Intel gave me an Acer aspire one, so you might also see some posts about that. I

I threw windows 7 on the acer. it runs really well. my main complaint is the touchpad. I am  a pointer-nub guy.. I generally don’t care for touchpads, but this one is the worst I have ever used. the buttons have horrible positions, and I am forced to wonder if the person who designed the case actually used it..

I bought the Moto Q on ebay for $35, and it came with all the extras. it was a good deal. The phone had the verizon rom. I was planning on using alltel, even though alltel is switching completely over to verizon come October. so I flashed it to the Alltel rom. Now I just need to get service for it…