New toy

Since they came out, I’ve always thought the Fujitsu p1610 computers looked really cool. Every so often I check on ebay for things. I found one listed for a very low price(lower than normal) so I got it.

It isn’t very fast compared to modern computers, but compared to a netbook it holds its own. It is the same size as a netbook, but came out before the netbook craze. 1.2ghz single core 512mb ram, 30gb hdd, 256mb Intel graphics.

About two month ago I helped my brother build a desktop. 2.66 quad core 2gb ram 512 nvidia graphics. It is a nice computer and can play modern games nicely. After trying it out I’ve wanted to build a desktop, but I know the only thing I would use it for is games as I am very happy with my x61t. my dad brought home some nice fans he picked up for free. This only made me want to build a computer more:


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