For a while now I’ve been using Comodo’s firewall software, but recently they upgraded the software and it is unbearable. Now it prevents way too many of my applications from working properly.

This spawned a search for a new firewall. I had a couple requirements.

First, the firewall has to be free. It also can’t take over my computer or slow it down. This is something that really bothers me. A firewall shouldn’t slow down your computer, that’s what viruses are for. And finally it had to actually stop the things I didn’t want getting through to my computer.

After searching around I found this website:

While I didn’t read any of their reviews, they did have a decent list of firewall software, so I tried out a couple before I found PrivateFirewall 7.0

For me the program uses roughly 19,000k of ram.

The program has an easy to use interface, once you figure out where everything is located. I tested a few attacks on my computer and it was able to detect and stop all of them. I haven’t noticed any negative affects with any programs yet, so I’m going to continue using it.

I am very happy with the program and it is Free 😀 so if you are looking for a firewall, I would highly recommend privacyware’s privatefirewall.


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