Writing and Dropbox


So.. I’ve been working on my second book DreamPhase 2-The Controllers for a couple months now. I started a week before school started and I had 20,000 words by the first week. Things slowed down after school started, and I’ve been getting a couple thousand words done a week. At the moment I’m up to 58,003 words. One of the problems I ran into is that I have multiple computers and I’m not always at the one that has the latest copy of my book on it, so I have to copy files around if I want to work on it. This is kinda a hassle. I looked into some syncing software. I came to Dropbox eventually. Dropbox has a paid and free version. With the free version you get 2gb of storage, but the cool part is that you can sync your files across multiple computers. I downloaded it and took it for a spin.

I am extremely happy with their service, and 2GB is plenty of space to store my writing. So if you have to edit documents or files on multiple computers and need some way to sync them, their service might work great for you.

The one thing that I don’t like is that Dropbox doesn’t work on my nokia n810 internet tablet. I have been wanting to get the n900 for a while now, but just hadn’t made the dive- they aren’t exactly cheap. The n900 does support dropbox… so I’m excited to get that working. I just ordered an n900. I hope it wasn’t a waste of money. 😐

I don’t think that it will be, but I really dislike spending large chunks of money. You will probably hear more about it.

Also if you want to try out Dropbox, you can follow this(http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTEzNzQyNjM2OQ) link, and I will get a little bit of extra storage for referring you. 🙂


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