“Negative. It didn’t go in.”

I mentioned before that I ordered the nokia n900. I got it and tried it out. I was disappointed because while the device had a keyboard it was useless for anything other than text entry. It seems all anyone cares about these days are touchscreens. Thankfully Amazon let me return the phone. I did pay for the return shipping, but $5 was worth it to try out the device.

So I’m back to using the n810. I’m happy with it for the most part. It would be nice if the keyboard were a little better. The other day my dad got issued the Casio GzOne phone.

I must say, the keyboard on there is amazing. Sadly the software Verizon stuck on it is horrible and makes it worthless because you can’t do anything with the keyboard. The main problem with the n810’s keyboard is the top row. There isn’t enough room for you to press the buttons because the edge of the screen sits so close to the top of the keyboard.

Also today is an awesome day, and I don’t really have a reason why. 😛


One Response to ““Negative. It didn’t go in.””

  1. You should go around reviewing electronic devices. Or maybe, put them on your site!

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