Promiscuous mode windows 7, x200s

To get this working.. you will need to hack your bios to support the cards if they aren’t supported. I used the Zender hacked bios.
Next you need to tape down pin 17 on the bottom side of the PCI-e card. This allows you to use multiple cards at the same time. Normally, with this not covered windows will only let you use 1 card at a time.
Now you need a card, that supports Promiscuous mode I used the intel 3945.
I just added that to one of the slots. After booting disable your other cards in the hardware manager and install the driver for the new card.
There is some weirdness with getting your other wifi card turned back on, to do this, I used intel my wifi, which turns the compatible card(intel 6250, intel 5300) on if they are off.

2 Responses to “Promiscuous mode windows 7, x200s”

  1. The Game Says:

    Very interesting. What purpose does taping down the one pin on the card serve?

    • In most laptops, the PCI-e slot has a hardware lock to prevent the use of unauthorized cards. You will run into this a lot if you put a newer card into an older computer. in the x200s, the WAN slot is locked. The other two slots were open, but I used those for other cards. Taping that pin prevents the system from knowing which device is connected at boot time. The downside is you also lose the status readout, so if your laptop has an LED to indicate wifi state, that will break.

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