The Moon

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Last night the moon was extremely bright, and the sky was clear. I went for a run at around 9pm, since I had time for one at that point. It was kinda cool because I could see the trail because of the reflecting light form the moon. I ran back to the house and grabbed my camera, and borrowed my dad’s lens and tri-pod.

Here is the result:

Taken with a canon 40D and a 70-200mm zoom lens with doubler. (non-scaled version.




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I haven’t posted anything to here for a while, and for that I’m sorry I fully intended to provide some useful articles. School and work have kept me busy, and I also started writing again.
I’m working on my second book – DreamPhase 2: The Controllers. I’m currently at 35,934 words. My goal for this book is 80,000+ words.
I was progressing rapidly, then school started. I’m moving along at the speed of a turtle.. but I will complete it eventually.

Fastest wimax test I’ve seen

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Yesterday while I was out doing wimax testing, I was using a new card, and I got the fastest result I’ve ever seen:

I was impressed. Sadly I was using the schools applet so I don’t have a direct link, but I did take a screen shot 🙂

Network upgrades.

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Finally after spending lots of time trying to make the network function without problem I decided it was time to upgrade the network. This took a while to accomplish, but the upgrading is complete. (At least for now)

First I bought a D-Link DGL-4500 gaming router. Supposedly this would handle our throughput better, as our network is extremely busy. This helped, but the router seemed to freeze every so often. This was related to it getting really hot. Aside from it getting hot and dropping out the new router worked great.

Sadly we needed more than 4 ports. Next we purchased a D-Link DGS-1024D 10/100/1000Mbps 24-Port Switch.

This added some more ports so we could hook everything up without daisy-chaining a couple old routers to the new router.

The local network worked amazingly well then, but the internet was still a problem, and the router kept dropping out when it got hot. To fix the problem, I cut a hole in the top of the router and added a fan for cooling.

While the fan is a bit larger than probably needed… I haven’t had any problems with the router cutting out when it has a heavy workload.

I also added the 2 older routers(that we had before the new gaming router) back onto the network. I configured them into AP mode, and ran cables from the switch to their location. Now where ever you connect, the IPs match, and windows is able to have ‘easy’ network sharing without the problems that it has when you have multiple routers (working as routers) plugged into each other. Everything seems to work without any problems 😀


How to backup files.

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Backing up your files from time to time is a good idea. One thing that should be mentioned is that a backup means you have an original someplace. If you are just want to move your files off your computer to clear up some space, that isn’t really backing up the files, but transferring them to another location. Either way, this guide will show you how.

1. Get external storage.(External Harddrive, DVDs,CDs,Online storage)

    If you get an external hard drive, try to get one that’s large enough so you don’t have to buy another one right away and transfer data again. Transferring data is slow. I’m not much of a disc fan/user so there are other places you can look if you need help with this. ImgBurn is free software that lets you burn to discs. It works very nicely. As for online storage there are a few options, some free and some pay. If you happen to have a account you can use their sky drive. This has 25GB of storage for free. Uploads are slow. Compared to the other options this would be the slowest. There is a program called Sky Drive Explorer, this allows you to use the sky drive like a networked hard drive on your computer. Once you decide what you want to use to store your files, the next step is copying the files.

2. Copy everything you want to keep onto said storage.

    First, you need to decide what you want. If you have pictures, or music, just copy the folders over. If you are running windows, the default copy program might not do the best job. If there is a problem with a file, the entire copy job list will stop, and you’ll have to tell it to copy starting from where it left off. There are a couple programs out there to solve this problem. TeraCopy, and Ycopy (Ycopy’s site is down at the time of this writing, but there are plenty of download mirrors out there if you search). Both of these programs will copy the entire batch except for the with the error, without dying.

If you are copying programs, things get a little trickier, because not all the parts of the program are located in the same location. Places to check:

  1. Install Directory. – If you go with the defaults this is most likely “C:\Program Files\*Name of the program*”

2.Application Data. – some programs store stuff here, and you’ll need to copy this if you want it to work. On xp this is located: “C:\Documents and Settings\*user*\Application Data\*name of the program*” on vista and windows7 it is: “C:\Users\*User*\AppData\Roaming\*Name Of Program*\”

3. Registry. Go to start->run, type: “regedit” and hit enter. Finding all the registry keys related to the program could be a little harder it should be in: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\*Name of program*”. Once you find the keys highlight them, then click File->Export… then choose where you want to save the file. (probably in the same place where you copied the other parts of the program.)

3. Verify that the data was actually copied before you remove the original.

Whether you are just backing files up, or if you are transferring these files to clean up space by removing the originals, it isn’t a bad idea to make sure everything copied correctly. If you are using a hard drive, remove the drive (safely remove), then plug it back in and see if the files are there. If you used a DVD, or CD, eject the disc, and insert it again, and check to see if the files are there. If you used an online storage method, disconnect from the service, then reconnect and check to see if your files are there.

If you have any questions just post them in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Converting videos – free software

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A couple posts back I mentioned writing a post that once and for all explained how to go about converting videos for free. Thanks to Winxdvd, it was made very simple. Just download their program. It works great and if you download it now it is completely free.

You can download it from

I don’t know how long it will be free, but there weren’t any crazy strings attached and I’ve already used it to convert a few video files 🙂

Fishy Sizes

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Today while I was working on something I ran into a goofy folder on my SD card. A 332GB file on my 8GB SD card.

A bug if some sort. Kinda interesting.