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My Birthday was yesterday. Yay! Just wanted to post this picture. I forgot to post it. This is from when I was upgrading my tablet. The old motherboard is on the left. You can see the small pci-e card on the top, that’s the 6250 wimax card.

I’ve been thinking about going to TX, and OK over spring break, next week, but I’m not sure yet. If I do, maybe I will remember to take some pictures. Today I was trying to convert a video file, and was surprised at how difficult it was to find a guide explaining how to do it online. Too many companies wanting you to buy their software. I found this site useful: http://www.hiteshagrawal.com/ffmpeg/converting-audiovideos-using-ffmpeg Eventually I plan to write a guide for every type of file to any other type of file. Much like the article explaining how to play any file.

Just finished watching Alias

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A while ago I decided I was going to watch through Alias. Yesterday I finished it.


Overall I liked the show, though there were a few things I didn’t like. The show tells the tale of a An agent working for SD-6 who finds out that SD-6 is a rouge terrorist organization, though she was led to believe she worked for the CIA. After finding out what was really going on she started working for the real CIA as a double agent working to bring down SD-6. The first season focuses mainly on this, though there is some of the deeper plot brought into play. I really enjoyed the first season and the first half of the second season, but then it got a little weird. I continued to watch it though and made it to the end. During this the show came back to normal, then became a weird again.

The story is also partially a romance – between said agent, Sidney Bristo , and her CIA handler Michael Vaughn. This is thrown through plenty of tension. As they go on missions to stop the bad guys, and run into snags. Throw in a rough relationship with her father, and that adds more stress. There was plenty of other forces to push them apart(including the stuff I refered to as weird(3rd season)), but through it all the manage to stay together.

There was plenty of tech stuff in the show too, and for the most part it was accurate and it didn’t pain me to watch them describe something wrongly when it came to computers. In Season 1 episode 11 they even had a Psion revo, I got excited when I saw it. There are a couple other cool gadgets they use also.

I didn’t care for some of the themes in the show(and was happy that I wasn’t watching it on tv and could just skip whatever I wanted) since the main character was a female, she used that on certain missions. Also there was out of wedlock stuff. That could have just been left out. There was some language in the show, but not nearly as much as other things I’ve seen and it would be mild compared to what I get exposed to when I got to the CS department at school. This show did have violence. Most of it is physical fights. There are guns and shooting, but it seems that the main character didn’t care to use a gun much. When a gun was used in most cases it was a tranquilizer gun. There were also some torture scenes. I’m not much for watching stuff like that, so taping the 5sec. skip button a couple of times was my friend.

I liked the show, aside from a couple of the things mentioned. : ]

New toy

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Since they came out, I’ve always thought the Fujitsu p1610 computers looked really cool. Every so often I check on ebay for things. I found one listed for a very low price(lower than normal) so I got it.

It isn’t very fast compared to modern computers, but compared to a netbook it holds its own. It is the same size as a netbook, but came out before the netbook craze. 1.2ghz single core 512mb ram, 30gb hdd, 256mb Intel graphics.

About two month ago I helped my brother build a desktop. 2.66 quad core 2gb ram 512 nvidia graphics. It is a nice computer and can play modern games nicely. After trying it out I’ve wanted to build a desktop, but I know the only thing I would use it for is games as I am very happy with my x61t. my dad brought home some nice fans he picked up for free. This only made me want to build a computer more:

Turn out.

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In the last post I mentioned that I was going to upgrade my computer. I never got to posting how that turned out. I am writing this on the upgraded computer. Swapping the motherboards wasn’t too bad at all. I now have a slightly better graphics card and more ram. The downside(depending on how you look at it) is that I’m now using windows 7 x64, instead of xp tablet ed. If they made a 64bit version of xp tablet ed, I’d be using that. while windows7 seems to work nicely, my battery did take a tiny hit. (unless I am running with everything to minimum.)

The largest problem I faced was getting video files to playback smoothly. Windows 7 comes with its own built-in codecs. These codecs are completely worthless. I tried playing multiple files, and everything would skip, especially if any power saving options were enabled on the computer. I installed the K-lite codec pack, but windows wouldn’t let them register. I did one codec manually then decided there must be a better way. There is a program called the windows 7 codec tweak tool. It allows you to pick which codecs are default.

Overall, I spent $700 for the computer originally and $150 for the motherboard. So $850 for a computer that at a minimum costs $1300 from what I’ve seen on ebay. 🙂

Upgrading finally

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Finally I am going to upgrade… haha I make it sound like it’s been a long ways coming. I’ve had my computer for a year now..

I ordered a motherboard from a Lenovo x61t. I have the x60t. I am going to stick the motherboard in this computer. Things that will be upgraded:

32bit -> 64bit

3gb -> 4gb of ram

There is also a WWAN slot so I might be able to add WiMax

I hope that switching it all out goes smoothly.

Verizonwireless is down in WI, OH,MI, and CA

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My mom tried making a call and it failed so she thought something was wrong with her phone. She had me take a look at it. I tried placing a couple of calls but nothing went through. I reset the phone and tried again. Then I tried called her phone from the landline. It wouldn’t connect and it didn’t give me an option for voicemail. At this point I knew it was a Verizon problem. I pulled out my straighttalk phone and tried to place a call it also failed confirming my suspicions.

When called on a landline and asked about the outage the service rep was unable to help and explained that the Service was out in WI, OH,MI, and CA but he didn’t know why: “I’m sorry I’m just a man at a computer.” He said they expected it to be out for a couple of hours.

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Finding the internet disappointing.

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Over the past couple weeks I’ve been really disappointed with the internet. Why you might ask? Quality.

Recently one of the news sites that I frequent redid their webpage with a new style. I’m not sure if other people had this problem or not, but their Javescript is messed up and my browser would hang every time I went to their site. Finally frustrated with it ,I blocked all .js files on their site. It now loads again. Maybe it is me and not the site, but I just don’t seem to find any of the articles exciting or even interesting for the most part.

    Over the past couple months I’ve been going to gizmodo a lot more often. The quality of their posts has gotten better. Although they still have way too much nsfw stuff… and while they have a tag system that should work to remove that stuff, it also removes deals of the day, so I can’t really use it. I used to like the downloadsquad, because they would have some really good articles every once in a while, but either I’ve changed my opinion of what a good article is like or they just don’t have them as much. Jkontherun used to be okay, but the quality articles are getting fewer- but mostly the writers interests/opinions have drifted so far away from mine that I just don’t enjoy reading it. There are a couple other sites I could mention, but it probably isn’t worth your time to read about my complaining.

    I’ve heard a lot of people claim that Email would die- saying that it would be replaced by Instant Messaging(IM). Email is still going strong.. IM on the other hand seems to be dwindling. It used to be that there were a lot of people online at any given time. I created an account with every service provider so that I could talk to anyone regardless of their protocol preference. Of the 40+ people I used to talk to all the time, only 2-3 are on most of the time. Where did they go? I’m not sure facebook maybe? Well that’s what I thought, so I added facebook IM to trillian but no one seems to want to just IM, they’d rather take some goofy only quiz than talk to me. The purpose of these quizzes originally was so that someone could read the results and gets to know you a little better. This really isn’t happening anymore. Everyone is so focused on themselves- Just wanting to get the next quiz or something. Why not just talk to the person you want to know more about you? It’d be better than hoping they read the quiz, and then take the quiz themself so that you can read their results… rather pointless.

     I hope that you this post isn’t to you what posts on other sites have been for me, even if the post is just me complaining.