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The otherday I ran into a small snag when I was trying to play high resilution video file. The clip skipped on my computer and the audio was out of sync. I was using VLC to play the file. In the past when this has happened I would just play the file with the Divx player (using an external decoder. ) With the latest release of the divx player they made a lot of small improvements, but the external decoders wouldn’t work anymore. I have been using the K-Lite Codec Pack for all my codecs. Of all the codecs/codec packs I have used, it works the best.  K-lite worked great for the high resilution (1080p) clip, but I have never liked media player classic (the media player that comes bundled with the pack) I searched around and finally found a player that supports external codecs. Enter The KMPlayer .

KMPlayer is an advanced media player that supports both external codecs and enternal included codecs. I setup the player to use all the K-lite codecs and gave it a run. I tried many different formats, with different bitrates, sizes and encodings. all of them played extremely well without skipping at all. I was even able to play partially corrupt files.

If you need a player, for anything, I would highly recomend the KMPlayer and the K-lite codec pack. both the pack and the player are extremely customizable, so if you don’t like the default settings you can change them 🙂

All this was done on Windows7. So far I have been extremely happy with windows7(beta) the only thing I don’t like is aero snap. Aaagh, I hate it. I always throw my windows partially off the screen. aero snap makes this harder. (also I don’t like it when my windows are resized. :\ Other than that.. windows7 works great.

today I read a quote by Mark Twain – “Be good and you will be lonely”   Lately it makes me wonder.. am I good or something?