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Today for class, I got to see the main server room on campus. I attached a couple pictures.

It wasn’t too big, but it was still cool. These computers run Also, all internet traffic at nmu runs through these computers. They also supply internet to 3 other schools. they have a total bandwidth of 1GB/s All the computers run some form of linux, or BSD

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. I only had my htc on me to take pictures.

NMU server racks

I still haven’t gotten my ram yet… I installed Linux Mint on the r61. Full install, no virtual box. The computer seems to be preforming better than it did with windows.  Everything works, I didn’t have to do any crazy setup. I was even about to get trillian working on it.


long day…

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today is turning out to be a very long day. I had math home that was due. I got that done, now I have a paper to write, and work til 3. I still haven’t eaten anything, not that it is strange for me to miss breakfast.

A couple days ago I decided to install vista x64 onto my r61, since I don’t really use the computer for anything now that I have my x60.  I messed up the install, so yesterday I had to do it all over again. I am planning to just install linux on it. since the vista isn’t goind so well. If you read my other post, I praised LinuxMint. I still think it is a great os, but the kde version is 1.2gb in size, so I need to burn a dvd. I I have a dvd burner, (finally… I just got it a couple months ago) but I don’t have and dvds that I can use to burn the .iso. I haven’t spent much time on it because of school. but I should be able to split it over two cds?

I have been thinking about switching to Ångström on my zaurus, from cacko, but it is a lot of work, and I don’t know how well it will work. The main thing that holds me back, is the alarm program. Right now I am using my zaurus as an alarm clock. without it, I would never make it to school on time. If I knew for a fact that there was a trustworthy program for Ångström, I would try it now.

I tried installing it on the htc the other day, but I was missing a file. I will probably give it another try over the Thanksgiving break.