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Upgrading part1

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on November 28, 2008 by dreamphase

Today I ordered 6GBs of ram. no not all for the same computer. I ordered 2x2GB of ram for my x60t, and 2x1GB of DDR for my dad’s computer.

I know the x60t doesn’t support 4gb of ram due to the chipset, but I will be able to use 3gb, and it will still have a good speed. I read some places that you could get access to 3.5gb, but I am not sure about that…

My goal was to get a larger hdd not more ram… but the ram was an extremely good deal. I did find a hdd for $70, but after buying the ram..  I really don’t like spending money. Yesterday I tried installing angstrom on the htc… I failed. for some reason I keep getting a kernal panic. Also I installed xp pro on two computers yesterday. (IBM r60, and a Lenovo r61)

Once I get the ram, I will have free’d 2x1GB sticks. I will probably put them in the r60 for my dad, or one in the r60 and one in the r61. My dad tried out my x60… he really likes it. says the size is much better than the r60, but he wasn’t interested in the tablet. He is now looking at x6*s.